Character Description Dialogue  
Lead Roles:  
Bill Snibson




Playing age: 30’s

A cheerful, quick-witted cockney who inherits the land and titles of Lord Hareford, he’s devoted to his sweetheart Sally. He has no concept of social boundaries. Pg 21-23


Pg 43-44

Sally Smith


Playing age: 30’s

Bill’s charming and proud girlfriend from Lambeth. Very devoted to Bill. Pg 21-23

Pg 46-47

Maris, Duchess of Dene


Playing age: 50-60’s

The proud and domineering family matriarch. Co-executor of the Hareford clan’s will. Pg 41-43  
Sir John Tremayne


Playing age: 50-60s

Gentlemanly, a father figure who is sympathetic to Sally and Bill. Co-executor of the will.


Pg 88-89

Pg 93-95

Supporting Roles:  
Lady Jacqueline Carstone (Jaquie)


Playing age: 30-40’s

A sexy and determined gold-digger, breaks off her engagement to Gerald to pursue Bill. Pg 6-7

Pg 32-33

The Hon Gerald Bolingbroke


Playing age: 30-40’s

Pompous but likeable. Engaged to Lady Jaqueline, he loves her, no matter how badly she has treated him. P 6-7  
Herbert Parchester


Playing age: 35 +

The family solicitor.  Doesn’t take the Duchess and her family too seriously

Could be played by a female actor

Pg 39-41  
Charles, the Butler

Playing age: 30+

A trustworthy manservant with a dry wit. Pg 29-30

Pg 95-96

Sir Jasper Tring


An elderly family friend, who is very hard of hearing.  Jasper has a few solo lines, plus many interjections of  “eh!”  Could be a dancer.    
Lady Battersby   Pg 6 & 7  
Featured Roles:  
Mrs Brown Sally’s landlady, a Cockney Pg 88-90  
Lord Battersby   Pg 6 & 7  
Lady Brighton   Pg 53-54  
Mrs Sophia Stainsley-Asherton   Pg 54-55  
Bob Barking From Lambeth, a friend of Bill and Sally. Pg 85-86  
Other featured named roles can be cast from the ensemble.  
Please note that Playing ages are in no way actual ages, they are merely a guide!