Character Actor
Bill Snibson Ziggi Szafranski
Sally Smith Robyn Hunt
Maria, Duchess of Dene Emily Bastin
Sir John Tremayne Iain Cannell
Lady Jacqueline Carstone (Jaquie) Polly Ashton
The Hon Gerald Bolingbroke David Anderson
Hermione Parchester Heidi Shrimpton
Charles, the Butler Darryl Tullett
Sir Jasper Tring Bill Minter
Lady Battersby Joan Cannell
Lord Battersby Andy Bloomfield
Lady Brighton Norma Davis
Lord French/Constable Kevin KIng
Lord Damming/Telegram Boy Paul Cox
Mrs Worthington-Worthington / Cook Valerie Abercrombie
The Honourable May Miles Andrea Soundy
Mrs Sophia Stainsley-Asherton /Cook Rebecca Wilkes
Maid Sarah Young
Maid / Pearly Queen Claire Papworth
Mrs Brown / Dancer Ruth O’Reilly
Bob Barking / Pearly King James Vinall
Cockney Girl / Dancer Nicola Granger