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Molesey Musical Theatre presents a musical flight around the world, calling in on, and singing songs from, countries as diverse as France, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, USA and even Australia (The Sydney Opera House) !

Boarding is now open at Gate VFH, and your in-flight snack is waiting for you!

The Production was crafted under the care of the following:

Director                      E.Gloria Smith

Choreographers      Claire Bender and Helen Whittle

Musical Director       Elizabeth Cooper

Performing :-     Polly Ashton,   Lynda Barrett,   Claire Bender,   Joan Cannell,   Iain Cannell,   Bee Cassidy,   Norma Davis,   Kate Fletcher,   Roy Flowers,   John Garner,   Carolyn Jacks,   Sue Letheren,   Emily Marrison,   Gloria Smith,   Darryl Tullett,   Bryony Watters,   Alan Young,   Sarah Young,   Helen Whittle