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Directors                      Steve Nottage and Emily Horne

Choreographer          Jenny Hughes

Musical Director        Elizabeth Cooper

Welcome to the Brooklyn Theatre on Broadway, for today’s auditions for the new musical, ‘Broadway Dreams’.We meet the theatre crew and the celebrity judges, including John Howard, whom everyone wants to impress, escorted by the ever-obliging “Gordon, the chauffeur”.

As the singers and dancers arrive for their auditions, we learn that one of them, Mike, has arrived in the hope of meeting Claire, a girl he’d idolised at College, but never had the courage to speak to before.

We watch the hopefuls gather in the green room, the backstage waiting area, where they prepare for their auditions in front of the judging panel. How will they perform when the spotlight is shone on them? Will they sparkle like the stars of tomorrow, or be sucked into the black hole of obscurity? Will Mike pluck up the courage to express his feelings?

Our finale is from the première of the new show, but which of the characters auditioning will make the grade and which ones will see their dreams remain just that – dreams?

The Principal Cast was as follows:

George                John Garner                * Belinda            Carolyn Jacks

Felicity               Gloria Smith                * Carla                 Annie Genower

Jean                    Anne Jones                  * Mike                 Richard Evans

Kate                    Karen Young                * Claire               Simone Hunter

John Howard   Kevin King                    * Gordon            Iain Cannell

Elinor Wade     Joan Cannell                * Ben Jones        Steve Nottage

Dawn                 Norma Davis                * Jane                  Ruth Watters

Jamie                Alan Young                   * Celia                  Emily Horne

Abbie                Jenny Hughes              * Tracey               Helen Whittle

Jade                  Polly Horne                  * Cindy                Emily Marrison

Zoë                   Sarah Young                 * Samantha        Carolyn Jacks