Director                                               Jan (Ziggi) Szafranski

Choreographer                                  Emma Hone

Musical Director                               Liz Cooper

In 2016, Molesey Musical Theatre were proud to boast that you can catch Cinderella, Buttons, Prince Charming and Dandini dealing with the Ugly Sisters just as school was letting out for Christmas! We put on our first panto in December 2016 at the Vera Fletcher Hall. Featuring a cast formed of old and new members, there was something for everyone!

Director Ziggi was keen to make this a traditional pantomime, with women playing men, men playing women, and all manner of comedy gags, fairies and sprites. With performances aimed specifically at families, including three matinee performances throughout the weekend, we also offered packed lunches for sale, magic wands, activity pages within our programmes and opportunities to meet the characters!

The Cast List of Principal roles was as follows:

Cinderella (Prinicpal Girl)                   Isabelle Barrett

Prince Charming  (Principal Boy)      Ellen Fermie

Buttons                                                    Steve Nottage

Dandini                                                   Polly Ashton

Fairy Godmother                                  Annie Genower

Maxie Mum (Dame)                             Nigel Cassidy

Minnie Mum (Dame)                          Mike Read

Baron                                                      Kevin King

Baroness                                               Alison Wheeler

Emcee                                                    Darryl Tullett

Major Domo                                        Andy Bloomfield

Town Crier                                           Bill Minter