The rich are generally different. But in matters of the heart, they’re just as scatterbrained as the rest of us.

Heiress Tracy Lord is engaged to one man, attracted to another and, just maybe, in love again with her ex-husband in this effervescent musical reinvention of Philip Barry’s play ‘The Philadelphia Story’ featuring an endlessly delightful Cole Porter score which includes ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’, ‘True Love’, ‘You’re Sensational’, ‘I Love You, Samantha’, ‘Well Did you Evah?’ and ‘Let’s Misbehave’.

Yes, indeedy, we did!

The Cast List of Principal roles was as follows:

Tracey Lord                Emily Bastin

C.K. Dexter Haven    Ziggi Szafranski

George                         David Anderson

Liz                                 Valerie Carr

Uncle Willie                Ken Smith

Seth Lord                     Iain Cannell

Mother Lord               Annie Genower

Dinah Lord                 Rose Burden and Katy Hall

Mike                             Steve Nottage

Director                   Bee Cassidy

Choreographer     Lynn Menzies

Musical Director  Nigel Cassidy