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Script by Alex Jackson

Script kindly presented in agreement with alexjacksonpantomimes.com

You can get involved onstage or backstage with Molesey Musical Theatre's next Pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. Everyone who wants to be involved in whatever role is welcome to come to the regular Wednesday rehearsal at 8pm at Vine Hall, Vine Road, East Molesey, and if you are interested but can't make it please email :- membership@moleseymusicaltheatre.com  Feel free to mention it to a friend and get them to come along as well !

Director & Choreographer - Claire Leonard

Musical Director -  Elizabeth Cooper

Jack and the Beanstalk will be staged at the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton-on-Thames between Wednesday 15 and Saturday 18 November 2023. There will be a total of 5 performances including 2 on Saturday - midday and 5pm.

The story begins with a widow and her son, Jack, who are poor and need to sell their cow for money. Jack takes the cow into town and is offered magic beans in exchange for it. When his mother sees he’s brought home beans instead of money, she throws the beans out the window and a great beanstalk grows into the clouds.

Jack climbs the stalk in hopes of finding food. He comes across a town among the clouds and is helped by a magic fairy to find a giant’s castle (home to the giant who killed Jack’s father). Jack eventually steals a magic hen and gold coins from the giant. Jack also attempts to steal a harp but the giant wakes up from his slumber and chases after Jack, who runs down the beanstalk, and cuts it with an axe, causing the giant to fall and die.

This serves justice to the giant and also teaches Jack to always behave and listen to his mother.

Of course, all the usual Pantomime add-ons and embellishments are woven within the tale. Such Fun !


Jack Trott                                   Darcey Conway

Silly Simon (M/F)                    Marie Riordan

Tilly Trott                                   Paul Winder

Jill Crumble (F)                         Emily Jesshop

King Crumble                           Paul Cox

Lord Fleshcreep                      Kevin King

Spinache                                   Iain Cannell

Fairy Evergreen                      Donna Hunter

Pat the Cow (M/F)                  Wendy Tyler

Giant Butternut Trump           Iain Cowden


Sarah Strawberry                    Joan Cannell

Tommy Tomato                       Andy Bloomfield

Penelope Pepper                   Valerie Abercrombie

Carly Carrot                             Andrea Soundy

Betty Blueberry                      Martine Stannard

Patricia Pear                           Sarah Young

Olive Onion                            Claire Papworth

Children from the Aquarius Performing Arts School