jack the ripper-crop-u54168

Director                             Jacqui Beckingham

Musical Director            Gordon Faultless

Repetiteur                         Elizabeth Cooper

‘Jack The Ripper’ was adapted for the musical stage in 1974 and features a score by leading actor Ron Pember and book and lyrics by Pember with Denis De Marne. The musical reconstruction of the incidents relating to the historic East End murders of 1888 was told through the company of a Whitechapel Music Hall, a device that cleverly presented an atmospheric commentary on the murders as opposed to a historic re-enactment.

The Cast List of Principal roles was as follows:

Marie Kelly/Music Hall Soubrette  Lynn Menzies

Lizzie Stride/Queen Victoria            Audrey Meeks

Annie Chapman                                  Anne Jones

Polly Anne Nicholls                          Nikki Crabtree

Liza Pearl                                            Carole Brough

Martha Tabram                                Valerie De Cort

Catherine Eddowes                        Joan Flanagan

Frances Coles                                  Maggie Pattenden

Montague Druitt                            Ashley Jones

Chairman                                        Iain Cannell

Daniel Mendoza                            Colin Wolrich

Lord Overcoat                                Alan Forster

Police Sergeant Coles                  Michael Beckerman