Old Time Music Hall Music Hall 1976

We return to 1907 and the height of the Old Time Music Hall to celebrate everything that that era had to offer.

With a range of songs to delight and a Chairman to astound, this is not one to miss!

This production was crafted under the care of the following:

Chairman                  Nick James

The Ladies               Rosa Atkinson, Norma Davis, Joan Flanagan, Lynda Garner, Annie Genower, Emily Horne, Polly Horne, Carolyn Jacks, Di James, Sue Letheren, Audrey Meeks, Gloria Smith, Ruth Watters, Karen Young, Leslie Young, Sarah Young

The Gentlemen      Michael Beckerman, Garry Beckett, Iain Cannell, Graham Fisher, Roy Flowers, John Garner, Steve Nottage, Alan Young

Compiled by             Nick and Di James

Musical Director    Elizabeth Cooper