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Director                      Jacqui Beckingham
Musical Director       Gordon Faultless
Repetiteur                 Elizabeth Cooper

The Mikado is one of most famous and best-loved of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas.

Nanki-Poo loves Yum-Yum. Just one snag. She’s betrothed to Ko-Ko, the new Lord High Executioner. And Ko-Ko needs to find someone to execute – chop chop! Otherwise, it’s his own neck on the block. Maybe Ko-Ko and Nanki-Poo can come to some arrangement… without anyone losing their head?

The Cast List of Principal roles was as follows:

The Mikado of Japan   Arthur Gamble

Nanki-Poo                      Chris Dyson

Ko-Ko                              Tony Dyson

Pooh-Bah                       John Cobb

Pish-Tush                      Stanley Brown

Yum-Yum                      Shirley Noel

Pitti-Sing                       Anne Jones

Peep-Bo                        Joan Flanagan

Katisha                         Debbie Brett