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Hot on the heels of our great success in ‘Return To The Forbidden Planet’, we performed ‘The Mikado, or the Town of Titipu’, which contains the fantastic and well-known (we promise!) music of Arthur Sullivan, and the weird and wonderful world of The Mikado created by William Gilbert.

We attempted to elucidate this comic operetta and accentuate the twists and turns of Gilbert’s ludicrous story – a satire of Victorian England, exposing and ridiculing its moral hypocrisy – imagine a world where flirting is an offence that carries the death penalty!

The Cast List of Principal roles was as follows:

The Mikado        Paul Cox

Nanki-Poo          Ziggi Szafranski

Ko-Ko                  Nigel Cassidy

Pooh-Bah            Jon Fox

Pish-Tush           Iain Cannell

Yum-Yum           Jenny Jordan

Pitti-Sing            Helen Whittle

Peep-Bo              Lydia McNulty

Katisha               Lynda Barrett-Mercer

Director          Bee Cassidy                Musical Director    Liz Cooper