Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular show, ‘The Pirates of Penzance’, is a rollicking, delightfully funny tale of a band of soft-tempered pirates. Mistakenly apprenticed to a pirate (instead of a pilot) by his nursemaid Ruth at the age of eight, the handsome Frederic is now twenty-one and, though quite fond of the group of joyous and fun-loving pirates, chooses to abandon his profession and “lead a blameless life henceforth,” dedicating himself instead to their eradication.

Shortly after leaving them, he encounters a gaggle of beautiful maidens (one of whom, Mabel, steals his heart) and their father, the eccentric Major-General. The whole group has a run-in with the pirates themselves before escaping on the false premise that the Major-General is an orphan — a fact these tender-hearted pirates simply cannot help but take into account, given the fact that the majority of them are orphans themselves and “know what it’s like.” Just as Frederic is ready to lead a band of lily-livered policemen to take out the Pirate King and his men, a secret is uncovered that will change his fate forever, but, naturally, all comes out right in the end.

Beloved since its première in 1879, ‘The Pirates of Penzance (or The Slave of Duty)’ is a delightful farce of a classic that is fun for all ages.


The Cast List of Principal roles was as follows :-

The Pirate King                                                        Roger Chapman

Samuel (His Lieutenant)                                       Cyril Payne

Frederic (The Pirate Apprentice)                         Richard Lee       

Ruth (A Piratical Maid of All Work)                    Frances Moss     

Mabel (A Daughter)                                                Jean Dyer

Edith (Another Daughter)                                     Debbie Brett

Kate (Another Daughter)                                       Julia Early

Isabel (Another Daughter)                                    Anne Jones 

Major-General Stanley                                           Charles Arnold


Director                                         ‘Tiffer’ Fransella

Choreographer                           Rosemary Russell-Follett

Musical Director                        Norman Redstone